Contract Mining

Involved in Contract Mining for several decades, Consolidated have welcomed the opportunity to be associated with some of Australia's leading mining companies. Some examples are:

  • C.R.A.
  • North Broken Hill LTD Minerals Mining & Metallurgy
  • CSR-Ready Mix
  • Brambles
  • Western Mining Corporation
  • Pasminco Mining
  • Perilya Mining
  • Cristal Mining Australia (formerly Bemax Resources)

Activities include contract crushing/screening, bulk haulage, and open cut mining.

Consolidated are committed to delivering Professional Quality Assured Service and have the advantage of a proven track record and an unequalled experience within the region.

Civil Earthworks

Over the years, Consolidated have played a major role in Civil Earthworks within the outback regions of NSW, SA, QLD and VIC. Consolidated have successfully delivered many civil earthwork projects such as:

  • Major repairs to flood damage rail embankment for Australian National - between Olary and Yunta, SA.
  • Access road and car park at Line of Lode, Broken Hill NSW.
  • Construction of 2km roadway in Mildura for standard roads on Ontario Ave.
  • Construct earth pads at Elura Mine, Cobar to receive containerised hazardous waste product.
  • Design, form and bitumen seal 1.5km airstrip at Tandou Farm, south of Broken Hill.
  • Carried out Civil Works for the new Broken Hill hospital.
  • New water filtration plant, Sunset Strip, Menindee for Australian Inland Energy and Water.
  • Carried out Civil Works at the Bemax Ginkgo Mine site.
  • Design and construct 64km new haul road for Bemax.
  • Design and construct dual lane bridge for Bemax.
  • Survey and construct 1.7km airstrip a Ginkgo.

Our highly skilled team offer a wealth of experience in the design, excavate, fill and completion of all your civil requirements to a standard of excellence.

Bulk Earthmoving

For generations Consolidated have had a solid affiliation with the mines in Broken Hill, and have successfully conducted major earth moving contracts specialising in open cut mining. Some examples are:

  • Transportation of 1 million tonne per annum of ore from the Zinc Mine to the NBHC shaft - Broken Hill.
  • Load and haul 850,000 tonne of mill tailings from Zinc Mine to North Broken Hill.
  • Load and haul 1,300,000 tonne of ore from Southern Cross Shaft to NBHC Mill for Pasminco Mining, Broken Hill.

Our machinery consists of:

  • 6x 35 tonne Dump Trucks
  • 9x Excavators up to 50 tonne
  • 11x Cat Front-End Loaders, Cat 920 to Cat 988
  • 20x Road Trains of Side Tippers


Do you require bulk haulage, heavy haulage, or general haulage? Consolidated have the haulage solution for you!

We have 20 Prime Movers along with 20 Road Train Side and End Tippers.

For your heavy haulage requirements 2x 50 tonne Quad Axles Floats and 2x 25 tonne Floats.

Flat top trailers, extendables and tank trailers.

Consolidated can haul almost anything and are renowned for their timely and professional transportation services for all kinds of equipment and goods.